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Jewish Neo-Nazi in Israel?

by Dr. D ~ October 3rd, 2007

This is like a contradiction and yet there is a Neo-Nazi movement in Israel? It is unimaginable that there would be antisemitism among Jews. However, there has always been a cultural divide between Sephardi Jews (Middle Eastern Jews) and the Ashkenazi (European Jews) in Israel. Recently, Ashkenazi neighborhoods in Haifa have had buildings, cars, and a synagogue vandalized with hate graffiti and swastikas.

A Sephardi teenager was arrested for the crime wave and incredibly proclaimed that Hitler was right, Askenazi Jews were an inferior race while the Aryans were superior and the Sephardim were even greater.

Talk about turning everything upside down and rewriting history! If the next generation does not grasp the lessons of the past, we may be doomed to repeat and revisit some of the greatest failures and disasters of the 20th century. *Top

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