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Rally Highlights Christian Persecution in India

by Dr. D ~ September 23rd, 2007

Christians have been enduring an escalation of persecution in many parts of India for some time now. Hundreds rallied peaceably in Bangalore (India’s third largest city) to protest recent acts of persecution against the Christian community in that area, and to call for peaceful coexistence.

The event was sponsored by a Christian association of churches in that state and led by Member of Parliament Dr. H.T. Sangliana, who commented:

“Today’s peaceful gathering focuses on need to practice religion. Like Hindus want to worship God in their homes and temples, even Christians have freedom to worship. However, from past few months, we are witnessing persecution from radical elements who are working against Christians.”

Comments: Christians have been experiencing on going persecution all over India in spite of declared constitutional freedom of religion in that country. Local authorities many times are slow to respond and protect religious minorities.  Christians have become quite controversial in India because of their work among the lower castes, particularly the lowest ‘untouchable’ group.

Persecution has come from radical Hindu and Muslim groups who oppose the spread of Christianity in their communities and areas.

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