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al Qaeda Offers Reward for the Death of Swedish Cartoonist

by Dr. D ~ September 15th, 2007

An al Qaeda group in Irag has offered a $100,000 for the death of the Swedish cartoonist who recently depicted the head of Muhammad on the body of a dog. The al Qaeda leader also called for attacks on Swedish companies.

Lars Vilks, the Swedish cartoonist, did not take the threat too seriously and defended his right to freedom of expression:

“These people represent a very small branch of our Muslims. They work with noisy threats.”
“But I can, of course, not entirely disregard such a threat. I am regularly in contact with the police.”

“It is fundamental for Western thinking to be able to express one’s artistry without making exceptions for holiness. I had no murky motives, no racist motives and so on. It was initially a very modest local exhibition and the situation has changed little by little.”

Earlier this month the Swedish prime minister expressed his regret that Muslims were offended by the cartoon, but also maintained his support for the ‘freedom of expression’ which is a right in his country.

Comments: Again this demonstrates the major disconnect between the Western culture which recognizes individual religious freedom and rights of free expression of ideas, and the Muslim nations and cultures which demand strict adherence to Islam. The violent demonstrations and calls for death seem so barbaric to those of us in Western nations and yet so matter-of-fact and part of the norm in the Middle East. *Top

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