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9/11/2001 -‘A Day to be Remembered’

by Dr. D ~ September 11th, 2007

A moment of silence protrudes upon a busy American city as it marks the anniversary of the day that the twin towers came down, thousands were killed, and hundreds of heroes lost their lives trying to save as many people as possible.

For most, this will be a day where we continue our ‘business as usual’ approach to the current ‘War on Terror’. Most Americans have not been effected in anyway and their lifestyles remain the same as before. However, for those who lost loved ones that day at the Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC, or in the fields of Pennsylvania, this marks a day when life was forever changed.

There will be many services across the country marking and remembering this event. This is a good time for introspection and a time for Americans to consider our resolve as a country to battle terrorism where ever it may be found. Will this generation shrink from the responsibilities of world leadership, or will it stand up to those who are trying to force the world to convert, surrender, or be enslaved to a radical understanding of Islam?             *Top

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