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Pope Benedict Visits Austrian Holocaust Memorial

by Dr. D ~ September 8th, 2007

Pope Benedict began his trip to Austria with a visit to a holocaust memorial. I really do commend him for this choice and for the two major points that were made during the visit:

1. Christianity is at the ‘roots’ of European culture and history:

“An Austria without a vibrant Christian faith would no longer be Austria.” … “Europe cannot and must not deny her Christian roots, Christianity has profoundly shaped this continent.”

2. Christians should also not disparage the original roots of Christianity that was begun among the Jewish people. After all, Jesus and all of his disciples were Jews:

” Speaking earlier to reporters accompanying him on the flight from Rome, Benedict said he wanted to show “our sadness, our repentance” for the Holocaust and “our friendship with our Jewish brothers.” The pope’s use of the word “repentance” was especially important because it recognizes guilt and responsibility, which Jewish leaders have been seeking.”

In his welcoming comments to the Pope, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, the archbishop of Vienna, noted that the ‘roots’ of Christianity are in Judaism- Jesus, Mary and St. Peter were all Jews:

“It is part of the tragedy of this city, that precisely here these roots were forgotten, even denied to the point where godless will destroyed the people to whom God gave his first love.”

Comments: I believe that this message is one that shows the new Pope at his best. Europe in in the midst of incredible changes. Antisemitism is raising its ugly head once more in Europe, and the church needs to disassociate itself from it.

Islam is on the rise, the Church is in decline and many of the intellectual class have become enamored with the ‘new atheist’ movement. I believe that the entire identity and culture of Europe is up for grabs over the next 25 years.

As an example, if the present demographics continue as they are, there will be no Italy for instance, with the birth rate of Italians actually in the negative while Muslim immigrants to that country are increasing exponentially. In 25 years, Vatican City could be the only conclave of Christians in the entire nation unless the present trends are reversed.             *Top

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