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Is Clinton Blocking the DVD of “The Path to 9/11”?

by Dr. D ~ September 5th, 2007

A DVD version of the award winning miniseries, “The Path to 9/11“, which was originally shown on ABC a year ago with over 25 million viewers, is not going to be offered anytime soon according to the series screenwriter, Cyrus Nowrasteh.

Normally, a DVD would have been offered in January for the miniseries, four months after its showing. However, there are currently no plans for its release, and a top ABC executive revealed privately that “if Hillary weren’t running for president, this wouldn’t be a problem.”

Indications are that there is a great deal of political pressure on ABC and Disney not to release the DVD version. Before the series was originally shown a political firestorm erupted. According to reports, former President Bill Clinton personally called Disney CEO Robert A. Iger to try and get the miniseries canceled and was successful in getting several ‘unfavorable’ scenes cut from the production. Also, Senate leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and four other senators sent a protest letter to Disney.

The Miniseries does not show the former Clinton Administration in a very good light as far as their responses to terrorism and Bin Laden in particular. This seems to be the reason that the DVD is being blocked. With Hillary currently running for President, powerful political forces are out to protect Bill Clinton’s legacy and shield Sen. Hillary Clinton from any possible collateral damage.

Many find this situation to be a dangerous precedent. There are even some in Hollywood, who would normally be sympathetic to the Clintons, that are bothered by this development. Film director Oliver Stone is concerned about the right of artists to have their work distributed:

“This is a shame; it’s censorship in the most blatant way. I’m not vouching for its accuracy — it’s a dramatization — but it’s an important work and needs to be seen.”

It will be interesting to watch how this situation develops and is finally resolved. The Clintons may receive enough ‘blow back’ and adverse publicity that they may eventually beg for its release. One possible solution is to allow Bill Clinton and former members of his administration to voice their objections and add it to the extra material on the DVD. *Top

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