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One Korean Hostage Was Killed for Refusing to Convert to Islam?

by Dr. D ~ September 4th, 2007

According to one report, the Pastor of the former hostages says that the Youth Pastor, who was leading the Korean hostage group, was killed because he refused to convert to Islam. The other men were beaten for the same reason:

“I heard from the hostages that they were threatened with death. Especially it is known that the reason Pastor Bae Hyung-kyu was murdered was because he refused the Taliban’s demand to convert.”

Later in this same story it reports that two of the women claim to have been raped repeatedly, while the rest of the women hostages seemed to have received better treatment.

Comments: Moderate Western Muslims claim over and over again that there are no ‘forced’ conversions in Islam, and they cite the Koran repeatedly that “there is no compulsion in Religion”.

Yet, the more radical Islamists seem to have a different view and threaten those who they capture with demands for conversion to Islam and many times beat up, or even kill those who refuse. Unfortunately, there seems to be many in Muslim countries which support the more radical view. It leaves one to wonder which view actually represents the norm in Islam?             *Top

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