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Korean Hostages Return Home With Mixed Reception

by Dr. D ~ September 2nd, 2007

The South Korean Hostages returned home and were met by their happy families and relatives. They also received a cold reception from the South Korean nation which is somewhat angry with their careless behavior in disregarding the government and going to Afghanistan in the first place.

The government is sensitive to the whole affair believing that they ‘lost face’ on the international level having to deal directly with the Taliban in order to secure their freedom. All sorts of allegations surround the negotiations including the charge that the South Korean government secretly paid $20 Million in ransom.

The former hostages for their part have issued apologies to the Korean people and the government. Meanwhile, the South Korean officials are asking the families of the former hostages and their church organizations to compensate the government for the expenses of the whole situation, including their plane trip home.             *Top

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