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Germany’s Largest Synagogue Reopens But Under Police Protection

by Dr. D ~ September 1st, 2007

Berlin’s Rykestrasse Synagogue reopened Friday after a year of work and millions spent to return the landmark to its prewar splendor. The Synagogue was an incredible architectural structure built in 1904 and was allowed to deteriorate for decades first during the Nazi era and later because it sat in communist-run East Berlin.

It is admirable that the renovations were paid for by the city and though government funds. However, it is sad that it is necessary to maintain an official police post in the synagogue to protect it and the few Jewish worshipers who actually use the facility. One Jewish regular at the synagogue observed:

“I find it so sad that we need police protection when we want to pray together. After all that has happened we still have to live in fear as Jews.”

A resurgence of antisemitism has raised its ugly head once more in Germany due largely to an influx of Muslim immigrants to the country and Europe in general.            *Top

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