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County Judge Mandates Gay Marriage In Iowa

by Dr. D ~ August 31st, 2007

A county judge in Iowa overturned Iowa’s ban on same sex marriage by judicial fiat. Judge Robert Hanson ruled Thursday that the Iowa marriage law was unconstitutional and immediately ordered the county officials to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

The ruling will be appealed but in the mean time Iowa apparently joins Massachusetts as the only states which have legalized gay marriages.

Comments: It is incredible that one judge can decide by himself to overturn the decisions made by a state legislature or even by an election of the people. Increasingly judges disregard the will of the people or even prior judicial ruling to enact their own opinions and create new laws by individual judicial fiat. This is a dangerous trend which really does challenge our freedom and democracy and demonstrates a real transfer of power from the people to a largely unaccountable judiciary.             *Top

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2 Responses to County Judge Mandates Gay Marriage In Iowa

  1. Tom

    This is another example of a judge pointing out just how unconstitutional these gay marriage bans are. It’s fine if you believe gay marriage is wrong, but outlawing it goes against the Constitution. It’s that pesky “equality” part.

    God Bless that judge!

  2. Dr. D

    Actually, it wasn’t exactly a gay marriage ban but only defined marriage as it has been for time memorial between a man and a woman.

    Do you think that the original framers of the constitution would agree?

    ‘Equality’ would be served by allowing gays to have legal domestic partnerships with all the legal rights of a marriage including rights survivorship. Many states have already passed such laws. It is really not necessary in the name of ‘equality’ to redefine marriage. Gays are free to marry a person of the opposite sex if they choose to like everyone else.

    What about those who would like to marry children, animals, or those who believe in polygamy as part of their religion, should they be free to redefine marriage also in the name of ‘equal’ rights? Where does it end or should it from your perspective?

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