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Taliban Releases the Rest of the Korean Hostages

by Dr. D ~ August 30th, 2007

The Taliban finally released today the rest of the Korean hostages after six weeks of captivity and continual crisis. The former captives were taken away and the press was not allowed to interview them.

Some nations including the Afghan government are somewhat critical of the South Korean negotiations with the Taliban. Many continue to believe that the results of this crisis could ultimately end up encouraging more hostage taking by the radical Islamists.

Comments: I believe that now is the time to celebrate the release of these fine young people and to praise God for the answers to our prayers and the millions of Korean prayers offered up for their safety. It will be interesting to hear their stories later when they are home and rested up and ready to talk about their ordeal.

*Update 8/31: Former hostages have left Afghanistan by charter plane and appear to be in good health after talking to a few selected South Korean media representatives.           *Top

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