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China Continues To Clamp Down on Christian House Churches

by Dr. D ~ August 26th, 2007

Chinese officials have intensified their crackdown and persecution of Christians who worship in unofficial ‘house’ churches rather than the communist dominated official ones. Religious activities conducted outside of the designated churches are considered illegal and members of the underground churches continue to face fines, imprisonment, and sometimes even torture for their faith.

For a long time, the officials seemed to turn a blind eye to unofficial religious activities but now they are rounding up leaders and attempting to shut down any unofficial organizations or groups. An official order has gone out to follow through in this manner:

“Strike hard against illegal religious and evil cult activity; eliminate elements that affect the stability of village governance.”

Chinese authorities are now attempting to bring all of the religions in their country under state control. We have posted about their treatment of Tibetan Buddhists and their recent arrest of a Catholic Bishop. With the coming of the Olympics next summer, they seem to be making a concerted effort to bring their entire population under control and to be tying up any loose ends that may seem to be independent and capable of causing embarrassment or trouble from their perspective.            *Top

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