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Chinese Catholic Bishop is Arrested Again

by Dr. D ~ August 23rd, 2007

Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo was arrested today by the Chinese Public Security and Religious Bureau. The Chinese government has long held that they should have the final authority in choosing Bishops in China.

The Roman Catholic Church has defied the Red Chinese officials and have continued to choose their own Bishops and issue messages from the Pope in Rome through their chosen representatives. Bishop Zhiguo was attempting to disseminate Benedict XVI’s latest letter to Chinese Catholics. The Chinese Bishop has spent over 20 years in prison and has been under house arrest for nearly all of his episcopal ministry.

Comments:  The Chinese government officials who profess to be ‘atheist’ continue to demand and assert their authority over religious leaders and even religious practices. Recently I posted two articles about Chinese domination over the Tibetan Buddhist religion.

The Chinese government continues to deny basic human rights and particularly religious freedom to their own citizens.              *Top

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