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Christian Bishop Supports the Use of ‘Allah’ Instead of God?

by Dr. D ~ August 16th, 2007

First the was the Episcopal priest who claimed that she was both a Christian and a Muslim. Now we have a Bishop in the Netherlands who says that we might as well start using the name ‘Allah’ instead of God since in a 100 years or so Europeans will be using it anyway?


I have read that the demographics in Europe support that Islam will become dominant there in 25 years or so. Are Europeans ready to cave in to the Islam onslaught already? This supposed Christian Bishop thinks it is time. Fortunately according to a recent poll, 92% of the Dutch disagree with the ‘wrong rev. Bishop’.

What about ‘the great commission’? What if Christianity had a resurgence and a revival in Europe and Islam didn’t win out after all? That is what I am praying for and I suggest all Christians to pray for the same. Lord, let revival touch Europe one more time and push back the hordes of Islam, in Jesus name, Amen.                     *Top

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