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Ahmadinejad: “Rule of Islam Only Way of Salvation of Mankind”

by Dr. D ~ August 15th, 2007

President Ahmadinejad of Iran made a number of interesting comments while he was visiting Kabul and addressing the Afghan Islamic leaders. He proclaimed that the only hope for the world was for Islam to rule and impose sharia law over all humanity:

“There is no truth on earth but monotheism and following tenets of Islam and there is no way for salvation of mankind but rule of Islam over mankind.”

He emphasized that all Muslim brothers need to work together to overthrow the enemy and that Muslims need to get ready to fulfill the global mission and destiny of Islam.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch wrote the following response to Ahmadinejad’s comments:

“Make no mistake: this is not just an expression of piety. It is a political statement, a statement of Islamic supremacism, and of the will to wage war until Islamic Sharia is imposed over the whole world.”

I believe that Robert is correct and that the Iranian President is actually proclaiming his support for Islamic world domination. *Top

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