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Bibles are Not Allowed and Christians are Persecuted in Saudi Arabia

by Dr. D ~ August 10th, 2007

Visitors are not allowed to bring Bibles into Saudi Arabia or even publicly wear Crucifixes. The consequences can be rather severe if you are caught with such contraband by Saudi authorities. The Saudi government is trying to encourage and increase tourism to their country. However, the U.S. State department has been quite critical of Saudi Arabia because of religious intolerance and human rights abuses. Open Doors ministry lists Saudi Arabia as the second worst persecutor of Christians right behind North Korea.

It is quite surprising to Americans to find out that their supposed Saudi allies are so intolerant of other religions, particularly Christianity. Churches are not allowed in that country and even informal Bible studies or Christian prayer services in private homes are illegal.

Then there is the incredible case of Dr. Mamdooh Fahmy. He’s an Egyptian doctor who was working in Riyadh then lost his job after it was discovered that he was a Christian. He has continued to be persecuted by Saudi officials who continue to hold his passport and refuse to let him leave the country and return to his homeland.              *Top

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