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Is Religion Really an Issue in the Illegal Immigration Debate?

by Dr. D ~ August 9th, 2007

Here is an article by John Hargenrader which contends that the opposition to illegal Latino immigration (USA) is nothing more than veiled religious bigotry:

“…I am finding it more and more concerning that some vocal opposition to immigration reform is nothing more than under-the-breath anti-Catholic bigotry. … When looking at local voices in Congress, there is also a clear disparity. Many of the opponents to immigration reform in the halls of Washington are non-Catholics. And, a broad spectrum of Senate and Congressional members who support the McCain/Kennedy Senate bill are Catholic.”

Comments: This is a bridge too far for sure. While the Catholic Church and their representatives support the ‘open borders’ situation, few if any of the opponents to illegal immigration are really concerned about the religion of those coming across. Most are concerned about the security issues and with all the costs of illegal immigration to our schools, hospitals, cities and states. Religion is the last issue anyone is concerned about.

The ‘proof of the pudding’ lies in the fact that there is no present pressure on the government to regulate legal immigration with respect ot religion. Though recently I have heard some whisper about the wisdom of letting in more legal immigrants from Islamic countries. However this is born of concerns about internal security and not about religion per se.             *Top

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1 Response to Is Religion Really an Issue in the Illegal Immigration Debate?

  1. John Hargenrader

    Dr. D,

    As per the emails we exchanged, it is documented in many articles that the 2004 Election Strategy devised by Karl Rove used the Southern Evangelical Churches as a political force to organize and get out Republican votes. I sent you a link to comments on this.

    I think to be fair, you have to accept that a large influx of Catholic voters in the South West would completely disturb this type of political strategy in the future.

    I think we also agreed in our email exchange that boarder security and reducing illegal immigration were concerns listed at the beginning of may article, on which we do not disagree are essential to stabilize the situation. The subject I commented on was how to deal with the large number of people who have been here for some time period, 70% of whom are Hispanic and predominantly Catholic. It seems fair to me to accept that they have ‘migrated’ to the US. And, they are not leaving, nor is anyone going to remove them.

    So, we have only to agree on how they stay here: with a legal resident status; or as illegals.

    I believe in the rule of law, and to accept that 12 million people will stay here illegally, shows no respect for civil order. As, we have accepted them as defacto residents, we must legalize thier status.

    Thank you, especially for your politeness in your emails,

    John Hargenrader

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