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Ahmadinejad Boasts That Iran Will Never Stop Its Nuclear Program

by Dr. D ~ July 26th, 2007

On Wednesday in Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran would never yield to international pressure to suspend its nuclear program.

He boasted of having “some thousand centrifuges which are spinning every day.” Centrifuges are used in making fuel for power plants. However, they can also enrich uranium to a higher level to be used in making nuclear weapons. The fact that Iran is utilizing ‘thousands’ of centrifuges lends credence to idea that they are actually seeking to make bombs rather than just electric power.

Ahmadinejad boldly asserted that the UN could continue to issue resolutions and sanctions against Iran but it would be meaningless:

“Let’s say they issue resolution number 300 … what will happen? It should be remembered that Iran is obtaining nuclear technology. They have to eventually accept that.”


President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for the utter and total destruction of Israel. He has also said that soon they would have that option and that a war could bring back the eschatological Imam and usher in a final era of Muslim world domination. Should the Western nations stand by and just wait and see if he really means it?             *Top

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