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Update: 23 Korean Hostages in Afghanistan

by Dr. D ~ July 23rd, 2007

The Taliban has extended the deadline until Tuesday evening. There are mixed reports over what their demands are for the release of the Korean Christian hostages. One reported condition is for the 200 some South Korean troops (Non-combatants) to leave the country. Another announced by the Taliban is a prisoner exchange.

So far the Afghan government has declined to meet the demands and reportedly have the Taliban rebels surrounded. Mean while South Korean officials and the Afghan government continue to dialogue with the Taliban group. However,there also seems to be preparations for some kind of military rescue or response.

Jeremy Sewall, of the International Christian Concern (a Christian persecution ministry) made the following request:

“Pray that God would do a miracle and permit them to be released without the use of force.”

We should continue to remember the hostages in our prayers and pray for their continuing safety and eventual release.             *Top

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