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18 Korean Christian Aid Workers Kidnapped by Taliban in Afghanistan

by Dr. D ~ July 20th, 2007

At least 18 Korean Christian aid workers were abducted by the Taliban who says that they will investigate and decide on their fate.

A South Korean news agency reports that the group were members of Saemmul Community Church, a Presbyterian church in Bundang, South Korea. They were involved in aid to children in Kandahar. It is said that most of the Koreans kidnapped were women in their 20’s and 30’s. The South Korean government has urged all Christian Korean groups to leave the country while they negotiate with the Taliban for the return of the hostages.

It is certainly a good time to pray for these Christians and for the swift and satisfactory resolution of this situation.

**Update 7/21/07: 18 women and 5 men have apparently been abducted. The Taliban is calling for the South Korean government to pull out their appox. 200 troops. All of the Korean ‘troops’ are doctors, health aid workers, and engineers involved in civilian projects. None are involved in combat. According to one report, the Taliban is asking for a prisoner exchange.

The Taliban claims to have just executed 2 German hostages because the German government did not comply with the order to remove their 3,000 troops from Afghanistan.                  *Top

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