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Pope Benedict: Orthodox Churches are Defective and Protestants are Not True Churches

by Dr. D ~ July 11th, 2007

On Tuesday 7/10/07, Pope Benedict approved a document that reasserted the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church as the one and only ‘true’ and universal church in existence. Since Vatican II, the Roman Church has backed away from using this kind of rhetoric in favor of a more ecumenical approach. However, this document does represent the Roman Catholic continuing position towards other Christian organizations and marks no real change.

Actually, most Christians can agree with the Pope on several points. The document asserts that there is one universal Christian church and on that we all can agree, however that church is led by Jesus Christ and does not have its headquarters in Rome. It also declares that other Christian organizations do not have the “means of salvation.” On that we can agree also, seeing that salvation does not really come through church membership or the ordinances but by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

Pope John Paul II endeared himself and gained respect over the years for engaging other faiths in a respectful way; including all types of Christian leaders and those from other religions such as Judaism and Islam. Pope Benedict has already alienated the Muslims, now he seems to be pushing away his fellow Christians. It makes one appreciate the last pope even more.              *Top

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