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Iraqi Christians Are Being Forced out of Baghdad

by Dr. D ~ June 28th, 2007

Bands of radical Islamists are declaring that Baghdad neighborhoods are part of a new ‘Islamic State of Iraq’ and are forcing Christians to move, pay a special tax, or convert.  Christian leaders say that as many as 500 families have moved out of Dora, which was once a thriving Christian conclave in south Baghdad.

Apparently, there are not enough American troops to consistently protect the Christian neighborhoods and the Iraqi forces are largely Shia Muslims who tend to be sympathetic to the radical Islamic cause. Read the whole article, it is rather incredible and discouraging considering all the sacrifices our country (USA & UK also) and our soldiers and their families are making to provide an opportunity for some kind of freedom for the Iraqi people.

If the end result is some kind of ‘Islamic State of Iraq’, then all of our efforts and sacrifices will have been in vain.             *Top

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