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Sir Salman Rushdie? Knighthood Causes a Stir and There’s a Reward For His Death

by Dr. D ~ June 22nd, 2007

Most of us probably forgot all about Salman Rushdie the famous author of The Satanic Verses which was published in 1988 and caused such a controversy among Muslims at the time. If you remember, the Ayatollah Khomeini had put up a fatwa against Rushdie and called for his death.

Well it has started all over again since Salman was knighted by the Queen (UK) on July 16. Since then the Muslim world has become unhinged and demanded a retraction of the honor. The parliament of Pakistan has even taken a vote and the government has officially protested to the British diplomats.

Now there is a reward posted by a group in Iran offering a £80,000 for anyone ‘who was able to execute the apostate Salman Rushdie’. Meanwhile, others are calling for acts of terrorism against the British until the Knighthood is withdrawn.


Hundreds of books are written against Christianity, including a whole bunch of recent atheist tomes. If Christians protested like Muslims, it would never stop and blood would be flowing in the streets. All we ever do is have civilized debates with a few raised voices now and again, a few radio interviews with call-ins, and TV specials.

Every Easter season there is some kind of controversial anti-Christian production or another. Yet no one has died to date. This year there was even the claim that the tomb of Jesus was found. Last year it was The Da Vinci Code. The only thing that happen to the author is that he got very wealthy and a popular movie this year. Oh yes, there may be some court charges in Italy against the movie, but that is at the very worst. How very different the two religions are. *Top

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