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Equivalence Seen in the World Views of Jews, Christians, and Radical Muslims

by Dr. D ~ June 13th, 2007

It is becoming common for MSM and academics to lump serious Jewish and Christians with radical Muslims. While there are thousands of instances of violence perpetrated by radical Muslims, in this article the writers are hard pressed to come up with a couple of examples of violent acts by Jewish and Christian ‘radicals’.

Nevertheless, the traditional world views of all three religions are treated as a problem and equally dangerous and leading to violence according to a report cited in this article.

Now, exactly what are the world views that these secularists find so objectionable? It really boils down to the absolutes that all serious Christians believe in. There is a God. There is a right and a wrong, there is good and evil in this world. These are the ‘dangerous views’ that supposedly cause all the trouble according to these researchers.

This really does sound very similar to the objections raised against religion made in all of the recent atheist best sellers. They even cite President Bush as one of the chief offenders:

She said it was dangerous for U.S. President George W. Bush to use terms such as “crusade” or “ridding the world of evil.”

“It really is falling into the same trap that these terrorists fall into, black and white thinking,” Stern told Reuters on Wednesday. “It’s very exciting to extremists to hear an American president talking that way.”

Finally, at the very end of the article after sounding an alarm against the world view of all three faiths, one researcher has to admit:

Stern said to compare violent extremists from the three faiths was not to suggest that the threat was the same. “These are not equivalent,” she said. “The problems arising from Christian or Jewish extremism are not threatening to the world in the same way as Muslim extremism is.”

Thank you very much. This is such an inadequate admission after painting all of us with traditional Christian and Jewish absolute views as being dangerous and potentially violent.                *Top

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