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Romney in New Hampshire: The Press Continues to Dwell on the ‘M’ Word

by Dr. D ~ June 2nd, 2007

Here is a short story about a confrontation between Gov. Romney and a restaurant patron in New Hampshire. Every candidate running for office runs across detractors in the everyday normal course of events. The vast majority go unreported. But here in Dover, New Hampshire they found a man who really does play into and reflect the MSM bias against Romney so it becomes ‘headline’ news.

Notice that the man is not an Evangelical ‘right-wing’ Christian that is making the objections. He is ‘a liberal’ who supports Sen. Clinton. Fact is, he would not be voting for any Republican regardless of religious affiliation. In this case, the ‘M’ word- Mormon, is just a convenient excuse and used as an ungracious taunt.

The MSM press continues to dwell on the ‘Mormon’ issue because the dirty little secret is that they are uncomfortable with and have an overall bias against all people of faith who take their religion seriously. The more liberal in the press relish this issue particularly as a way to divide the conservative Republican base. Hoping that Evangelical Christians will opt out if a Mormon becomes the Republican candidate for President.             *Top

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