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Poll: 25%+ of Young U.S. Muslims Support Suicide Bombings Under Some Circumstances?

by Dr. D ~ May 23rd, 2007

A survey taken by the Pew Research Center of Muslims in the USA show them to be largely mainstream and adapting to American customs and quite at home in our society. There are however several troubling statistics which indicate that not all is rosy and peaceful among the Muslim community in America:

  • First of all, 60% of the American Muslims do not believe that 19 Muslim/Arab men carried out the attack on 9/11/01.
  • 26% of Muslims under 30 believe that suicide bombing is justified under some circumstances.
  • 60% are concerned about a rise in Islamic extremism in the U.S.
  • 85% do not support the war in Iraq. 33% oppose the action in Afghanistan.
  • 25% refused to answer whether they have a favorable view or not of al-Qaida.

Now for the good news. Only 5% actually say they support al-Qaida and that is far lower than the favorable views among the Muslim communities in the UK, Spain, and France.


The Muslims in America are far more assimilated and economically mainstream than those in Europe so have an actual stake in what happens in and to this country. At least they generally felt like they were part of this country prior to 9/11/01.

The statistic that worries me the most is that 60% believe in some alternate kooky explanation of what really happened on 9/11. This does not bode well. It really does show distrust and alienation from the U.S. government and potentially from the rest of American society.

26% under 30 see suicide bombing as possibly justified. I wonder how many more feel the same way but did not want to admit to it in a poll?

We really do need to be praying for these folks and extending a hand of friendship. If they get to the point where they no longer feel like they are really a part of America and have a real stake in our welfare, than trouble could be brewing for us in our own land.            *Top

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