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One Million Protest to keep Turkey Secular

by Dr. D ~ April 29th, 2007

As many as one million people in Istanbul turned out to protest the recent selection of Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul as the ruling AK Party’s candidate for president of Turkey and head of state.  They fear that he would lead the nation towards becoming an Islamic state and Sharia law.

Turkey is presently a secular state with official separation between the state and religion. The AK Party, which enjoys a huge parliamentary majority, is known to support turning the country into an Islamic state.

Those at the rally chanted:

“Turkey is secular and will remain secular,” and

“shoulder to shoulder against sharia (Islamic law).”

Comments:  Those of us in the West should be praying that Turkey remains a secular republic. If it becomes an Islamic republic, than the whole balance of power will shift in the Middle East towards the more radical Islamicists. It is encouraging that so many in the nation support it remaining secular.            *Top

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