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Another ‘Dawkins’ Debate: Are We Better Off Without Religion?

by Dr. D ~ April 14th, 2007

I found this in Topix and followed the link to the full story in the Times Online . However it was the firsthand account by Times correspondent Ruth Gledhill that I found to be most helpful.

A debate was held in London at Westminster Central Hall (March 27, 2007). The subject and proposition debated was:

Are we better off without religion?

Richard Dawkins, AC Greyling, and Christopher Hitchens spoke in the affirmative of course. While Rabbi Julia Neuberger, Nigel Spivey, and philosopher Roger Scruton argued for the importance of religion in the cultural development of humanity.

According to the vote, the crowd was somewhat against religion at the beginning and pretty much were confirmed in their beliefs or lack thereof. The proponents of religion were obviously somewhat lacking. One wonders if the very choice of participants didn’t predetermine the results?

It was Dawkins of course, who gave the press the short quotable sound bite that they so crave and need:

I rather liken it (religion) to a child with a dummy in its mouth. I do not think it a very dignified or respect-worthy posture for an adult to go around sucking a dummy (pacifier) for comfort.


Maybe the World would be better off without religion, at least everything that originated with us. When Jesus comes back and sets up his Kingdom, will we still have man-made religions or just God given faith?

This of course is the problem with the whole proposition that was debated. Even from a Christian perspective, we would all be better off without nearly all of the world religions; except Christianity of course. *Top

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