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Pagans on the Rise in America

by Dr. D ~ April 11th, 2007

Here is an article about modern pagans on the rise in America. They have their own websites, books, and conferences. Many are using the Catholic Rosary beads from their childhood to pray to pagan goddesses. Some are more syncretistic, mixing paganism and Christianity.

I find it rather sad that so many have found it necessary to leave Christianity and have found strength and meaning elsewhere. Somehow the churches that they grew up with have failed them. *Top

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3 Responses to Pagans on the Rise in America

  1. Kathi Sharpe

    Hi Dr. D –

    I am an ex-pagan, have been a follower of Christ for six years now. In fact, since we’re fellow pneumabloggers, I’ll mention that the Pneumablogs site owner, Rich Tatum, is the guy who led me to Jesus.

    I now, by God’s grace, operate an outreach ministry to wiccans, pagans, witches, and occultists. I recently scaled back as God has some things He’s teaching me, and some friends have picked up the online component at Ancient Crossroads.

    While it’s true that many leave the churches of their childhood, it’s equally true that many western pagans grow up completely unchurched. I’ve talked to a number of folks who not only had never heard an adequate presentation of the gospel, they really weren’t sure about the bare basics (one bewildered guest in my home explained to me that she wasn’t sure what Easter was for. When I explained the crucifixion and resurrection, she was shocked. She didn’t know that had ever happened. This gal grew up in a nice home in California, USA, with excellent education in a nice family, and didn’t know that Christ lived, died, and rose again. She barely knew there WAS a Jesus.)

    Also, some are syncretistic, working to blend Christianity and paganism. Some of these folks even go so far to call on Jesus, Mary, God, the Holy Spirit… and some of them even consider satan to be yet another god in our pantheon (in the wider sphere of paganism, many of them consider that WE think satan is another god… that is what I used to think Christians believed).

    Others believe as I did… I was a strict reconstructionist, working to re-create an ancient religion (kemetic, the religion of egypt). Blending in anything else was not an option. And the vast majority of pagans fall somewhere between those two extremes. Christians need to understand that pagans are widely diverse and that the pagan community is continually changing. A key to witnessing and truly communicating Christ to them is to be willing to understand them on their level… something that is very difficult.

    If anyone who happens across this comment needs help in witnessing to a pagan, they’re welcome to contact either myself or Mark & Frances at Ancient Crossroads.


  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Kathi for the great info. I had no idea of the scope and size of this movement. May God richly bless you with his Holy Spirit as you continue to serve him.


  3. Rich Tatum

    Thanks, Kathi, for your generous recognition of my small, penultimate role in your faith decision. I’m still stunned by it all after all this time.


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