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New Documentary claims: Jesus Was Buried with His Family?

by Dr. D ~ February 27th, 2007

A new documentary scheduled to be shown March 4 on the Discovery Channel makes the claim that Jesus was actually buried with his family including a wife and son.  It’s so very convenient and so timely with a new book coming out at the same time.  Another ‘gift’ for Easter calculated for seasonal interest and maximum coverage.  What would the ‘Holy’ season be like with out some kind of anti-Christian attack?  If this was about Muhammad there would be blood flowing in the streets! 

This is really nothing new; it is a rehash of an archeological find in 1980 and first reported of 11 years ago (1996) in a BBC special.  The best scholars have already concluded that there is nothing here.  Read the article and the links posted on my Apologetica blog.


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