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Friday Worship & Prayers End With Violence?

by Dr. D ~ February 10th, 2007

Why is it that nearly every time there is a riot or violence caused by a large Muslim crowd it is usually right after Friday prayer and worship services?  When have you ever heard of a group of Christians leaving church on Sunday and immediately begin to riot?  When have Jews ever left a Synagogue on Saturday and began to attack those of a different religion? 

Yet here we are once more, ‘worshipers’ leaving the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple mount in Jerusalem begin to throw rocks down upon Jews praying at the Western ‘Wailing’ Wall and then turn into a riot when police try to control the situation.  Another fine example of those from the supposed ‘religion of peace’ responding to a dispute in their usual ‘peaceful’ way.  See the following news stories AP: Fox 28.com & The Southern.com.


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2 Responses to Friday Worship & Prayers End With Violence?

  1. steve


    I have seen (on film) Jewish Rabbi’s and Amercan priests blessing bombs that are about to be launched over the border? I’ve also heard of christians such as those in rwanda coming out of church to slaughter their neighbours.

    Of as a brit I don’t need ot go far back in my own history to see the church perscutng and putting to death those it didn’t like.

    Isn’t this more a cultural issue and a complex difficult situation than it is about religion? Can we anymore call Christianity a religion of peace?



  2. Dr. D

    Good points Steve.  However, my comments were made in response to Muslims in this country (USA), particularly Muslim leaders, who refer to Islam as a ‘religion of peace’ while refusing to condemn Islamic radicals who perpetrate violence and terror in the name of Allah and Islam. While they may not condone violence, their silence is frustrating and actually betrays their attempt to cast the ‘true’ nature of Islam as a ‘religion of Peace’.

    All of us hope that eventually the ‘moderate’ faction will win out and that Islam does substantially become peaceful. I was actually hoping that a Muslim leader would respond to this post in order for me to plead for a more adequate response from those who seek peace.

    The Rwandan Archbishop was universally condemned by ministers and Christians in this country (USA) for inciting violence, even though thousands of Christians had been killed and hundreds of Christian villages had been destroyed by Islamic radicals, there still is no excuse for condoning violence even in this case.

    “Jewish Rabbi’s and Amercan priests blessing bombs that are about to be launched over the border?”

    Hum! When and what border? Never heard of this one before, can’t believe our MSM/press missed a chance to criticise Christians. Nevertheless, I have also never heard any Christian leader in this country refer to Christianity as a ‘religion of peace’. Muslim leaders constantly make that claim and I find it rather ironic and simplistic and my post was also meant to be so read–ironic and simplistic. Obviously I succeeded.  Well at least in the simplistic part.

    I still stand by my observation that nearly everytime there is major Muslim riot or protest it always seems to be on Friday.

    Again, thanks for Steve your comments and for the spirit and concern in which they were given, you should be commended for trying to be impartial.  Miss your blog by the way.


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