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Jesus Loves Osama?

by Dr. D ~ February 6th, 2007

Central Baptist Church in Sydney Australia carried the following message on their sign:  Jesus Loves Osama.  Several other churches followed suit and the controversy was on.  Finally even Prime Minister John Howard joined the dialogue.  Some are offended by the message.  Others think that it is just good Christian theology, after all doesn’t Jesus love everyone, even evil people like bin Laden?  Some claim that the sign could be interpreted as supporting Osama and that would be rather unfortunate.  What do you think?     

If I saw a sign in front of a church around my home town, I would assume (maybe incorrectly) that the pastor or board probably oppose the war on terror.  I believe that we should be praying for Osama bin Laden, praying for his conversion.  Just think.  What would happen if bin Laden or one of his famous associates converted to Christianity?  I know, it sounds like a remote possibility but the first Christians never expected Saul of Tarsus to turn into the Apostle Paul.

Meanwhile, if Osama was captured or killed tomorrow, I would shed no tears.  In fact I would celebrate and praise God.


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