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Mark 14:43-52 The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

by Dr. D ~ December 30th, 2006

     Vs. 43-45  Judas showed up that night with a whole gang of officials and Temple guards fully armed.  He had probably observed Jesus slip away from crowds on numerous occasions and decided to leave nothing to chance.  In the dim light flowing through the orchards on the Mount of Olives at night, it was necessary for Judas to personally identify Jesus so that the right man could be seized and arrested. 

Regardless, the actions of Judas were despicable and infamous.  Judas identified Jesus using a kiss and called him ‘Rabbi’, the traditional greeting between a student/disciple and his Master.  Implying endearment and respect in the very act of betrayal.  

     Vs. 46-49  The men with Judas immediately seized Jesus.  Then the scene got rather chaotic for a while.  One of the disciples of Jesus actually drew a sword at that point and cut off a servants’ ear.  Mark leaves it at that, but John identifies the swordsman as Peter and the servant as Malchus.  Also, Luke tells us that Jesus healed the mans’ ear.

Then Jesus spoke and protested the treatment he was receiving.  Was he leading some kind of armed rebellion?  The expected answer was no.  He pointed out that they could have easily arrested him as he taught in the Temple every day that week.  Of course, the chief priests opted for a secret arrest in order to avoid a possible riot.  

     Vs. 50  Then all the disciples ran away and deserted Jesus, leaving him to face his destiny alone.  It is obvious that the officials were only concerned with arresting Jesus and brought only enough soldiers to make the arrest and control the situation.  They really didn’t try to arrest and pursue the disciples also.  Since all of the disciples were able to avoid arrest.

     Vs. 51-52  The reference to the ‘young man’ is found only in Mark and was probably John Mark himself, the author of the Gospel.  A linen outer garment was an indication of wealth in those days, most were made of wool.  According to early Christian tradition, the family of John Mark was wealthy and provided the upper room for the last supper and later on Pentecost.  He probably tagged along with Jesus and the disciples following their meal that evening.


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2 Responses to Mark 14:43-52 The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

  1. stanford mazhindu

    what was the significance of the young man who fled from Jesus leaving his cloth? Mk 14vs 51-52.

  2. Dr. D

    Most Biblical scholars believe that it was a personal first hand account, that the writer of Mark, John Mark was that young man.

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