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Mark 14:12-16 The Provision of The Upper Room

by Dr. D ~ November 4th, 2006

     Vs. 12-13  The disciples ask Jesus about preparations for the Passover meal.  This story is similar to the story of the donkey.  Jesus prophetically sends two of his disciples to find the provider of the upper room.  

     Vs. 14-16  Notice the phrase:  ‘The Teacher says’.  Jesus must have been well known to the owner.  Many Bible scholars believe that this ‘upper room’ became a gathering place for the disciples after the Resurrection, and was the same place they were gathered in on ‘Day of Pentecost’ in Acts, and later when they were praying for Peter in Acts 12.  This very well could have been the home of John Mark , the writer of this gospel, and his mother Mary (See: Acts 12:12).  Finally, notice that everything was just as Jesus prophetically said it would be. 


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