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Mark 14:10-11 Judas Plots To Betray Jesus

by Dr. D ~ October 27th, 2006

The Chief priests were looking for a way to do away with Jesus without creating a riot.  Notice that it is Judas who comes to them, and they are glad.  They finally have their opportunity.  But why did Judas decide to betray Jesus?  This a question that has plagued Bible students from the beginning.  Mark does not really provide the answer. 

What was the motivation for Judas?  Was it for the money?  The priests promise to give him money.  Matthew 26:15 informs us that it was merely 30 pieces of silver, a pitiful sum considering.  Luke  23:3 and John 13:2,27 indicate that Satan was inspiring the action.  Yet we are informed by Jesus that none of it was outside the plan of God (Jn. 19:11) and Judas is to be condemned for his action.  Some writers have speculated that Judas was trying to force Jesus to finally become the conquering Messiah that everyone expected.  However, any motives that we may want to ascribe to Judas, are mere speculation since none of the gospels clearly resolve this issue and give us a definitive reason for the betrayal of Judas. 

It is particularly shocking that the one who betrayed Jesus was one of his twelve closest associates.  Judas was not only one of the leaders among the disciples of Jesus, but was actually the treasurer of the movement.  It should also be noted that he was from the southern region of Judea rather than from Gallilee as the rest of the twelve.  The implication is that he probably was the most educated of the Twelve, and he probably grew up with a cosmopolitan distain for those uneducated, uncultured, and unwashed folk from Gallilee.   He may even had some familial ties with the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem.  All speculation, but strong possibilities considering where he came from. 

Judas was a leader among the disciples, he witnessed the miracles and participated in the healings, but as a Judean, he probably never felt like he was really ‘one of the guys’, at times he may have felt like an outsider.  I believe that Satan may have used this insecurity as a gateway to gain influence over Judas.      


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