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Mike Wallace Calls Iran’s President Ahmadinejad-“Reasonable”

by Dr. D ~ August 10th, 2006

Mike Wallace talked about his recent visit with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (President of Iran) on the Sean Hannity radio program today (8/10/06). He used words like: confident, intelligent, well-informed, self-assured, good looking, self-righteous, rational, and quite ‘reasonable’.

Mahmoud convinced Mike Wallace that he wasn’t really ‘anti-Semitic’ or against all Jews, after all, he claimed that there were several prominent Jews in the Iranian Parliament. He only wanted to wipe the ‘Zionist Entity’ (Israel) off the face of the earth, not the entire Jewish people. Mike says that Mahmoud claims that the Jews are Europeans and should have gotten land from Germany, or Europe after WW II. He ignores the fact that there are several million Jews who never left the Middle East, and rejects the ancient history and claims of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. Mahmoud claims that he doesn’t really want to kill the Jews, he prefers that they just move. Sounds very ‘reasonable’ indeed–unless you’re an Israeli!

During the interview, I thought of Neville Chamberlain and how he came back from Germany in 1938, thinking that Hitler was also quite ‘reasonable’, and proclaimed that he had achieved “peace for our time”. Well, we know how that turned out! I am just glad that Mike Wallace is just a ‘retired’ journalist and not a Prime Minister or a President.

Gee Whiz Mike! Don’t you understand that if your friend Mahmoud wipes the ‘Zionist Entity’ (Israel) off the map, he is going to end up killing 6 million Jews and a million or so Arab Israelis in the process. You may not call it ‘anti-Semitism’, but the end results would rival the Holocaust. Doesn’t sound so ‘reasonable’ to me!


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