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“The Central Event: Experiencing The Power Of The Father’s Love”

by Dr. D ~ July 16th, 2006

by Ed Piorek, (Cape Town, South Africa: Vineyard Int. Pub., 2005, 166 pgs.)         

     Ed Piorek is a long time pastor (now Pastor Emeritus of Vineyard CC Laguna Niguel Calif.), who traveled extensively with John Wimber during the 1980’s and early 90’s.  He now heads the Father Loves You Ministries (an international conference ministry) and travels occasionally with John Arnott (Toronto Airport CF). 

     Pastor Ed identifies the baptism of Jesus as ‘the central event’ in the ministry of our Lord.  It actually came at the beginning of his ministry, but it was a major point of empowerment and a confirmation of the Father’s love.  Two other events in the ministry of Jesus were similar; ‘The Transfiguration’, and the Mount of Olives.  Each event reminded Jesus of the Father’s love and strengthened him for the events to come. 

     Ed recalls different events in his own life and ministry that were similar, in calling him, centering him, and commissioning him.  Then there was a bout with cancer that found him daily leaning on and continuing in, the Father’s love for survival and for the energy to carry on.  He also introduces us to other ministers who have experienced similar events.  Some from the past, like D.L. Moody.  Others from the present like;  Rolland and Heidi Baker (Mozambique), and John and Carol Arnott;  who continue to minister depending upon the Father’s love to give them the strength and empowerment that they need to carry on.    …To Continue…


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