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“Misquoting Jesus” -An Extensive Analysis and Review

by Dr. D ~ July 5th, 2006

“MISQUOTING JESUS: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why”, by Bart D. Ehrman, (San Francisco: HarperCollins Publishers, 2005, 242 pgs.)

Dr. Ehrman is a noted New Testament textual scholar.  His accomplishments are extensive, and he comes to the table with incredible abilities and extensive knowledge.  Yet, I was quite disappointed in Ehrman’s work.  It was like hearing a series of punch lines first, from someone, who never gets around to telling the background stories–Ehrman never completes the deal.  He raises a variety of issues, and comes to a number of radical conclusions, with little or no supporting evidence.  There is nothing here except exaggerated opinion, unsubstantiated conjecture, & a propensity for putting every fact in the worst possible light.  “Hey Mabel!, When is he going to get to the verses that ‘Misquote Jesus’?” –he never really delivers–only leaves us with the impression that there must be many.     …To Continue… 


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