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City of Long Beach, CA Sets Its Sights On A Church –For Eminent Domain of Coarse.

by Dr. D ~ March 22nd, 2006

     Long Beach Redevelopment Agency (Calif.) voted 6-0 recently, to condemn the Filipino Baptist Fellowship Church, to make way for a couple of extra condos. This is clearly another case of Eminent Domain abuse.  If you look at the property, it is well maintained & far from being ‘blighted’.  Not only that, it actually serves the Filipino community which lives in the area. 

See defense website:  www.handsoffourchurch.com   

Commentary:  This is a prime example of the cultural shift that is taking place in America vis-a-vis the importance & value of churches in a community.  In former generations, churches were held in high regard as institutions which made positive contributions to a city.  Now local politicians, in this increasingly secular age, no longer recognize their value, but only see churches as tax-base liabilities.  It is a growing trend, in new ‘planned’ communities, that land is designated for everything except churches (although there are usually 3 or 4 token sites).  This is particularly true in South Orange County area (So.Calif) where I live.  The vast majority of churches in this area are meeting in rented facilities, usually in schools or industrial warehouses.

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