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-Please Pray for Michelee and Family

by Dr. D ~ November 15th, 2015

In the name of Jesus, Lord I pray that you will touch me and heal me from my pinched nerves and asthma.

Heal my moms asthma do.

In the name of Jesus, lord pray for my sisters in the USA one has been there for years and have not yet gotten her stay tho she is married, she cannot find the money to file her papers, please help her by providing the money for her to file her papers and she will get it. The house that she was living in caught fire and now she needs a new place to live, provide an inexpensive one lord and help her to be successful.

My other sister is visiting the US and want to stay and not come back. Please lord I pray that she will come back home the end of this month and help her to find a husband in the US so that she can get to stay there and go to school like she always want, help her to be successful too  and provide a job for her.

I also pray for my mom and brother that they will be successful too and help my mom to learn to drive and own her own car so she can drive herself to school in the name of Jesus I pray.

Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen


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