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-Praying Psalm 119:17-24

by Request ~ October 19th, 2015


17 Deal bountifully with your servant,
that I may live and keep your word.
18 Open my eyes, that I may behold
wondrous things out of your law.
19 I am a sojourner on the earth;
hide not your commandments from me!
20 My soul is consumed with longing
for your rules[4] at all times.
21 You rebuke the insolent, accursed ones,
who wander from your commandments.
22 Take away from me scorn and contempt,
for I have kept your testimonies.
23 Even though princes sit plotting against me,
your servant will meditate on your statutes.
24 Your testimonies are my delight;
they are my counselors.  (ESV)


Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem of twenty-two stanzas, following the letters of the Hebrew alphabet; within a stanza, each verse begins with the same Hebrew letter

4. Or your just decrees; also verses 30, 39, 43, 52, 75, 102, 108, 137, 156, 175

Our Father,

Open our eyes, that we may see the wondrous things you have for us in your Word. We are but sojourners on this earth since we are really members of your family and Kingdom through your Son Jesus.

Your Holy Spirit is our delight, daily showing us the path for us to travel on. Please, through your Spirit cause us to remember the testimony of your Word; the very passages we need every day to fulfill what you have called us to become.

Let your Kingdom come down in our midst and let your will be done in our lives; bring revival to your church and to this nation. Let us take your Word and testimony to the nations, every people and tongue, and prepare the body of Christ for His coming in the clouds.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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