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-Please pray for a job for Michelee and for her family

by Dr. D ~ August 30th, 2014

In the name of Jesus, lord I’m desperately in need of a job,  please help me( Michelee)to get a job on Disney Cruise Line/Mediterranean Cruise Line, so that I can help my husband ( Winston) to finish our house that he has been building since 2010 but because of lack of money it is not finish.

We live in a 2 bedroom house with our a 3 kids, my husband mom and brother. The kids and I sleep on 1 bed and my husband sleeps on the couch which is uncomfortable as he complains about back pain from time to time. My husband’s mom and brother sleeps in the other room. My husband mother and brother and i don’t get along well, so i just need that job to finish the house and get my family out of here and to care for my kids as right now we barely have food to feed our  kids and money for my husband to go to work.


My husband has a car but it is very old and it keeps breaking down on him so he has to take taxi to work, provide a new car for him lord in Jesus name. In the name of Jesus, lord I also pray that you will help my husband Winston to get a better paying job and help us to have a financial breakthrough so that we will always have money and food to feed our kids and ourselves.

In the name of Jesus, lord please help myself and my husband to be able to afford life insurance again , as the ones my husband was paying for himself and our first daughter has laps because he cannot afford to pay it anymore.

I also pray for my daughter Ashley that she will start doing her school work like she use to and be on her school’s honour role and grow up and stop with the playing and when time comes for her to do her csec exams, you will help her pass all of her exams in grades 1 and 2 in the name of Jesus I pray.

Please help my husband and I to finish building our house, start a business together and you will help us also to be successful at every and anything we will do in life, in the name of Jesus I pray .In the name of Jesus lord I pray that you will help my children Ashley, Alyssa and Ayden to be successful in life at every and anything they do . My kids will also be brilliant, intelligent, polite, book and street smart, they will also be fluent readers and also bless them with many talents. Amen

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