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-Prayers for Gary and Bob

by Dr. D ~ March 17th, 2013

Lord, we thank you for helping Bob get Gary into a program.

Now we pray  for Gary that this time it will be successful and that he will follow through and receive healing. We know that the only true and lasting healing comes through your Holy Spirit but so many refuse to receive it- so let him receive help from you and finally realize that you do love him and care for him and let Gary finally become closer to you and feel like he is qualified regardless of the past to receive your help.

We also pray for Bob that you would inspire him to encourage Gary and say only what needs to be said and leave off anything that he should be quite on. Counsel Bob not to pressure his friend or put his own expectations upon him.  The two obviously have history –a lot good but some also maybe not so much. Let the good sustain Gary in this time of need and let what ever frustrations of the past which have been not so good for the both of them be dropped and not come into play.

May the blessings of the Heavenly Father be upon you both in Jesus name, Amen


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