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-Please pray for Ginette and family

by Dr. D ~ January 30th, 2013

My daughter Angelique is very ill.  She also hasn’t yet turned her life over to God.  For several years now her life habits are extremely harmful for her.  Her major problem is her liver.  Her sleeping hours are totally backwards and she is very sedentary.  She has stopped drinking in September as she has received recommendations from the doctor.

Unfortunately, she suffers pain and the doctor has prescribed her some medication.  This also, I believe, takes a toll on her system.  This medication is highly addictive.  I give her credit for quitting the drinking without any help.

Smoking cigarettes also takes a toll on the liver whose job is to eliminate toxins out of the blood system.  She quit cigarettes but still smokes “vapour” cigarettes:  they still have nicotine in them. 

My husband has COPD and unfortunately has not yet completely quit smoking cigarettes.  He has also cut down on his beer consumption.  He has many other ills: probably his heart and something in his digestive system.  He believes in God.  We both need your prayers:  please ask Our dear Lord to change our hearts and transform us so that we become new creatures as it is written.  We need to find a good assembly of followers of Jesus Christ that we may join them weekly as God has prescribed in His Commandment and get baptized.

We also have 2 other children. Our 2nd daughter Karen has lived with her boyfriend for 3 years.  They don’t believe in God.  She is supposed to start working soon.  She is generally unsure of herself and is very dependent on her boyfriend emotionally.  My son is almost 18 and also is without work.  Since he finished high school and was not accepted into CEGEP (college) he has not been very serious about looking for work.  Please pray that his relationship with his dad (my husband) improves / also that his dad find a method that works to help James be less attracted to his computer and those awful games. 

My family,3 brothers (except for one) and 4 sisters are not concerned with God and His will.  My mother neither.

My husband also has 4 boys, one of witch has 4 sons.  God is the farthest thing from their mind.

Please pray for them also.

I thank you on behalf of all my family.

Yours truly,


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