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-Please pray for Vijaya and her Husband

by Dr. D ~ January 23rd, 2013

Prayer Request : Pls Pray to stop my Divorce case and Restore our marriage
Praise the Lord!
Pls Pray for me to stop my divorce  and restore marriage
Due to some reasons and pressure from the elders from both the sides I have or had to agree to the terms of divorce by mutual consent and Filed it on Aug-22-2012 but I don’t want divorce….
Our final court date for Divorce is scheduled on Feb-20-2013..
I’m a born-again Christian and took accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in oct-16-1996..
Please pray that God send my husband for Good and open the communication lines between us,to Speak to my husband, soften his heart, and return him to our  marriage.
to strengthen the relationship between my husband and me! That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happiness and love together
I’m the eldest daughter in my family and I have 2 younger sisters and one younger brother to get married..It is so hard and difficult for my family members to watch this…
Pray for reconciliation of my marriage and stop the divorce case.
Yours sister-in-Christ,


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