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-Please pray for Maria and Daniel

by Dr. D ~ November 10th, 2012

Dear Brethren:

About a month ago, I started feeling slight pain in my left knee.  I finally went to a doctor a friend referred me to.  I was wearing a knee brace.   After removing the brace, he felt around my knee, asking me where I felt the pain.  I told him it was behind and to the outside part of the knee.  He said it was probably the meniscus, and told me it was probably arthritis.  He added that, if the pain got worse (it came and went), I should get an MRI.

Well, today, at work, I accidentally twisted my knee, so now I can’t really bend it when I walk.  I have to be very careful, too, because the slightest movement will hurt.  My supervisor is sending me to a workers’ comp. clinic tomorrow (I should have gone today, but it’s a long story…) 

I’m very worried that this might be something serious… Before the pain started, I had not injured the knee at all.  The pain just started one day, out of the blue.  Now, of course, this accidental twisting has made it worse. 

I’m sitting in an armchair right now, with an ice pack on my knee.

I’ve held two jobs for several years now.  The problem is, I can’t stop working right now, because I’m helping my parents and sisters out financially.  One of my sisters is a legal secretary.  She lost her job three years ago, and has been unable to find work, due to the terrible economic situation.  My other sister is a piano teacher.  She teaches kids at home.  Lately, she has lost students.  My parents are elderly, and are having trouble financially.  I’m now the only one who can help them out. 

I’m married, with no kids.  My husband hasn’t worked in several years, due to herniated discs he suffered through a work-related injury.  He’s currently on disability, so he has some money coming in.  However, he can’t really help my family.  I’m the one they depend on. 

Please pray for both my husband and myself!   He’s in pain nearly every day.  He’s tried everything short of surgery — chiropractors, physical therapy, going to a gym to swim in the pool, or sit in the Jacuzzi…  These things do alleviate his pain, but only temporarily.  He can’t sit or stand for prolonged periods of time, so he has to switch his position often. 

He’s currently getting up early every day to take me to work, and pick me up, because I haven’t been driving for the past three years.  (It’s complicated.)  He also takes me to my night job, and picks me up there, as well.

My first name is Maria, and my husband’s first name is Daniel.   

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for both of us!!   Thank you so much!!!!!     : )



Miami, Florida

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