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-Please pray for Chad, Tracy and Daughter

by Dr. D ~ October 24th, 2012

urgent prayer for Chad, myself and my daughter

Loss of companion

After many trials and let downs in life the past 20 years, my disabled daughter and I had someone come into our lives this summer who was everything a family could pray for – engaged in us on many levels – wanting to help, care and not intimidated by my daughter’s special needs. We have even relocated upon requests of him! God provided a home nearby when the timing was impeccable due to my former financial /job change situation and needing to downscale…and it was in a town where I have more family and support for my daughter.

He was absolutely a breath of fresh air and answered prayer after being let down and hurt in the past and raising my daughter alone for the past 10 years, working FT and having to juggle all the many appointments etc… He was someone who just made you laugh, planned and dreamed, wanted to share and become a family.

I’m 43, was married in a terrible marriage 13 yrs until age 32, and dated very little since due to my dedication to my daughter, but have had a couple people come in our lives who later – couple years down the line got cold feet. We have asked God’s will, carried on with life, and waited amongst all the hardships… and Chad arrived. NOW, Chad has suddenly – without a word or explanation – just disappeared from all communication.

I don’t send lots of messages at all, but have sent a few over the past 3 weeks only to receive no response. He asked me when we were coming home while we were on a church trip recently – Oct 6 – and said he wanted to see me, but since getting back, there has been no communication. Something is seriously impeding the growth of our relationship from so strongly headed in the right direction to suddenly stop.

Please pray urgently for God to rebuke the negative influences or fears which may be surrounding Chad. He said he wanted a new way of life…which would include giving up some circles of people who were not positive or Godly. He said I was the most wonderful influence and he saw the good on the inside, not just outside; and also I have witnessed the deeply caring spirit on his heart in dealing with my daughter as well as helping my dad who suffers dementia.

WE have so much in common, and started so strongly. I can only believe that Satan is trying to completely thwart what God had intended to be a long lasting relationship for once. I have fasted multiple times, prayed, and now am begging for all of your help as fellow Christians. Please pray that God, if his Will, (and seemed to be His will for us to be together for a happy family unit and my daughter’s wellbeing), TO COMPLETELY CRUMBLE THE MOUNTAIN SEPARATING CHAD AND ME, AND CHAD AND GOD AND JESUS CHRIST! TO GIVE HIM THE STRENGTH, COURAGE, DIRECTION AND DESIRE TO MOVE AWAY FROM HIS FORMER DESIRES AND PEOPLE, AND FOLLOW WHAT GOD SO CLEARLY PUT IN HIS LIFE. To Love God first, and then be the mate / father figure we would love to have and share our love with so very much.

IT HAS BEEN questionable for the past 5 weeeks, and no communication whatsover in the past 2. Thank you all from the depths of my saddened heart! Sincerely, Tracy

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