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-Please pray for Kevin

by Dr. D ~ September 23rd, 2012

I’m in a relationship with a girl by the name of Lori and we’ve been dating for 6 months.

The way in which God brought us together was a miracle in itself, as I live in Seattle and she in San Diego. From the moment we met, it was as though God knew just the kind of person each of us needed and gave us that in the other.

Fast forward 6 months ahead, and she caught me in a lie about my finances. I am ashamed of some of my past financial failures and lied to her about filing bankruptcy in the past. Upon finding out about my lie, she immediately stopped all communication with me, refusing to talk or correspond at all, saying goodbye to me.

I am requesting prayer that God soften Lori’s heart and make her open to not only communicating with me, but to reconciling our relationship.

She was hurt badly in her first marriage, as her ex-husband was physically abusive, therefore it takes a long time before she can trust someone. I know I’ve betrayed her trust in me and am asking for one more chance.

Please pray that God help me be truthful with her from here on, and that He give me the chance to offer her a heart felt, contrite apology, one that touches her heart and brings us back together.  Kevin

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