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-Please pray for Susan and Rose

by Dr. D ~ July 10th, 2012

Prayers for my sister Susan J. and Rose, her  Partner /Friend. I ask that you all join with me in praying for my sister and her partner/friend that God will heal them of their health problems and that he will give them
both the guidance and strength to do the right thing and that my sister Susan will be healed of any and of all the health problems she has been having and the her friend Rose will be helped with getting well from all of the added work involved in helping my sister. I ask that you will continue to keep them in your prayers until I let you know that they have been healed. I also ask that "Gods" will be done in this prayer request and not mine and that he will hear our prayers. Thank you to all of you for praying with me for them both. Bob H<South Bend,Indiana>

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