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-Please pray for Cecilia

by Dr. D ~ March 10th, 2012

My name is Cecilia B. and I have been having trouble with worries, fears, and doubts in my current relationship with my boyfriend. Please help me!

Pray for my doubts, worries, and fears in my relationship with my boyfriend. Pray that Jesus heals these feelings and transforms them into Divine Love. I don’t want to act and live in fear, doubt, and worries anymore. I want to act out of Divine Love, God’s Love, True Love, Unconditional Love and Unconditional Acceptance in my relationship with my boyfriend. I want to express my love to him.

Also please let Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and service to humanity be my focus. It says in the Bible "seek ye the kingdom of God and all else will be added to you." I ask for Divine healing so that all my fears, worries, and doubts be healed and transformed into Divine Love, God’s Love, Unconditional Love. I don’t want these doubts, fears, and worries anymore. I want Divine Love, God’s Love, Unconditional Love, True Love.

I don’t want this fear anymore. Please ask Jesus to get rid of these feelings of doubt, fears, and worries. Please help me. I am tired of waking up every morning feeling like this. I need help. Please come to me now Jesus and help me. Please God hold me in your arms. I know you tell us not to worry. And I am trying my best to let go and let God. Also pray that I have immense trust In God and Jesus and my boyfriend. I need to know everything is going to be alright, fine. Please help me.

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